Physical, mental and emotional health seems to be cornerstones of success and fulfilment in life. For those that develop “health supporting” habits on different levels since very young age it is easier to build on them, and thus make healthier choices during their lives.
The fact is, however, that kids tend to mix adjective “healthy” with “boring”. Their relationship towards healthy lifestyle is just missing if not negative.

FunArtics’ job is to stretch their imagination and show them that “healthy” can really be “fun”.

Our approach is NOT dictatorial. We are not going to say what your kids should eat or how to live. We are here to show them avenues to finding more positive attitudes towards healthier choices.

With FunArtics healthier lifestyle really is fun… more specifically creative fun! Our team of professionals invented games that your kid would LOVE. All of them have link with art (drama, drawing, dance, plastic art, etc), and have healthier lifestyle for core subject. All our games stimulate kids’ imagination and self-expression, respect towards their environment and enjoyment of team work. During last hour and half of our program, children will also be introduced to yoga for kids with aim to help them be more able to listen to them selves and aware of state of their body and mind, as well as gain tools to be responsible for the condition of that state.

“My life is treating me well because I treat it even better” Katarina Rimegova, founder of FunArtics